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Book Review: Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown by Kate Leth

Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown - Kate Leth, Drew Rausch

The artwork in this comic reminds me of the contrasts between the Beetlejuice movie and 90’s cartoon. It has an air of the original character, but is different enough to become a character of its own.




The coloring keeps to the movie, while Edward is in his blacks with grayish skin, the rest of this comic book world is bright and cheery further separating his character from the norm.


The plot is interesting- skipping into the future when Kim is dead and we are introduced her daughter and granddaughter. Meg fights her mother over her grandmother’s story of Edward- believing that Edward in fact was a savior and not a murderer while her mother thought Kim delusional. The story put a rift between both mother/daughter pairs and made a great side point. I think the story would have been more substantial if Kim was still in the picture, but placed in a home. It would increase tension but it would also allow Meg a future mentor, and a sweet reunion for Edward.


Eli, an abandoned experiment Edward discovers, is the key to this volume. The creature discovers he is missing an important piece of himself but can’t quite figure out what. This part of the story is so Burton-esque I’m half surprised that The Man himself didn’t have a hand in writing it! I really wish the author would have focused a little less on mother/daughter relationship and more on the soul-searching creature.


Meg’s character doesn’t really fit the mold she’s supposed to fill. Her character lives for her grandmother’s (Kim) stories of Edward, but she doesn’t seem the fairytale/adventure type of character. There was nothing to indicate that she ever dreamed of meeting Edward or truly believed Kim except her arguments with her mother.


Edward is almost picture perfect. He hold’s that shy and unsureness that makes his character adorable and innocent. I do wish that the author showed more emotion on Edward when he learns who Meg is.


Overall, Edward Scissorhands: Parts Unknown is a delightful visit to an old friend well worth the read. I recommend to fans of the movie and newcomers alike.


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