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#Nerd (The Hashtag Series Book 1) - Cambria Hebert “Dangling right here before me was an entire life. Friends. A guy. Something more than just me, myself, and I. I wanted it.”

I dove into this book knowing it was going to be predictable and full of stereotypes, but I was looking forward to a nice nerdy romance. I didn’t find it between Rimmel and Romeo.

Rimmel is a typical clumsy nerd who does nothing but studies in college; wearing baggy clothes and never taking the time to fix her hair. Of course, under it all she’s gorgeous. Romeo is the most popular jock in the college who plays the field and is most defiantly not looking for love. Due to his low grades, he ends up being paired with Rimmel as his tutor.
The story started off fine as Romeo seemed to become charmed by the clumsy Rimmel, but after the frat initiation challenge is given to him he becomes dead in the water. The author tries to turn Romeo into a hero, but the fact is he’s a thief who ultimately got someone else arrested for his crime and a player who isn’t ashamed of his or his friends’ actions.

Rimmel is such a disappointing character as well. There was so much potential, especially with her background. Instead her background was used against her in the story and made her character even more of a disaster.

Overall, what I was hoping to be a nice, mindless romance turned out to be just a pigheaded frat-boy getting his way. I can’t recommend this one. So disappointing.