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Tainted Energy

Tainted Energy - Lynn Vroman www.readingbifrost.com

Tainted Energy is a take on reincarnation where instead of deciding what creature you deserved to be, your life is dependent upon what dimension you deserve. Some worlds are greatly evolved, others are still in infancy; each with a Warden to watch over and protect its dimension.

Lena is seventeen and living on Earth as a punishment, fallen from grace that is Exemplar, the highest of dimensions, and forced to live out her cycle in an abusive home with no memory of who she really is.

Three other dimensions were mentioned in this book: Exemplar, Arcus, and Empyrean. Exemplar we don’t see very much of in this book, but Arcus and Empyrean are extraordinary worlds built by the author. Arcus is a very low level dimension filled with vibrant, almost cartoon quality colors and a mishmash of not-quite-right creatures. Empyrean is a medieval-ish quality dimension with cities that float in the air.

Lena’s character is strong, sharp, and a bit hardheaded. She does seem to what things her way most of the time, but not in a “spoiled” sort of way. Tarek is a big, cocky, teddybear who can be very protective and jealous. The romance between the two was mostly light, but does have a few fluff filled moments for long sighs and girly giggles.

The baddies were delightfully evil and fun to toss thoughts about. Casimir makes many valid points but goes about things wrong. I’ve already made several guesses about the villain/s for the next book!

Overall, Tainted Energy is a great start to a promising new series. I recommend it for anyone who likes to read paranormal romance that hints on the side of soulmates.