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Glimmers - Barbara Brooke In Glimmers the reader follows the female lead, Paige, as she discovers a new “superpower” that allows her to see glimmers of peoples memories through items they had a strong connection to. The book isn’t heavy on the paranormal aspect- the characters just accept what happens to Paige without too much fuss and carry on (with little explanation later on). I didn’t mind it not being heavy on the paranormal, but a bit more curiosity on Paige and her husband’s part wouldn’t have hurt.

The lives Paige jumped into became incredible short love stories! Each one depicted a young women facing a turning point during a relationship that was restricted by society or prior relationships. Social hierarchies, engagements, and families stand between the couples and their heart-driven romances.

Paige also has to cope with planning her sister’s wedding while having the glimmers, but with Paige I think there could have been more conflict centering around her. There’re a few dramas mostly centered around her sister, but the main character doesn’t really see much conflict through the book.

Overall, Glimmers is a good, clean romance book I’d recommend to anyone looking for quick and sweet romance reads.