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The Here and Now

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares www.readingbifrost.com

The novel starts out fair enough. Ethan meets Prenna when she falls through time to escape her dystopian future along with several other “survivors”. But as the book moved on, it made less and less sense and the characters never got past the flatness that they first impressed.

The plot revolves entirely on a group from the future escaping a misquote-borne plague by traveling into the past, but it’s explained in the “future” everyone wears recycled clothes since none are made anymore and there’s a food shortage. It doesn’t hold any ground to have such sophisticated technology and not be able to make clothes.

Prenna tells the story in first person perspective, but her tone is so formal and distant the narration falls flat. Prenna as a character is hard to know. For someone who seemed so concerned with the conflict she wasn’t doing much of anything throughout the book.

Ethan turned out to be a Mr.Perfect know-it-all who had all the skills needed for the conflict, even tricking a scientist from MIT. He also doesn’t seem too concerned about the rising conflict, as he’s too busy chatting up Prenna for sex while they’re on the run.

The romance was a complete let down. It wasn’t insta-love, they were crushing on each other in the beginning, but as soon as the first barriers are down the “I’ve always loved you”s start spewing out.

The biggest disappointment was the preachy approach the author took to the subject. I couldn’t help but feel like I was being scolded for global warming though half the book. It’s fine to make a political point through a fictional book, but don’t slap the readers in the face with it.

Overall, The Here and Now was disappointing and I really can’t recommend to anyone unless you like preachy political fiction.