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FBP: Federal Bureau Of Physics Vol. 2: Wish You Were Here

FBP: Federal Bureau Of Physics Vol. 2: Wish You Were Here - Simon Oliver, Robbi Rodriguez www.ReadingBifrost.com

“With only our five senses to guide us through what we perceive as ‘Reality’… chances are we’ll never know for sure if it’s real or not. But when we die, who’s to say we don’t just pass into another reality, and that none of this was ever real. It doesn’t matter where you are. If your reality is actually ‘real’ or not. No matter what reality you inhabit, it’s just as frightening and no less real…”

Welcome to volume two of Federal Bureau of Physics, where our favorite agents Rosa and Adam find themselves dealing with multiverses and alternate realities!

This volume is ordered in a non-linear fashion, which worked really well for the topic and story line. It skips from not only past to future, but also from one reality into another. This can also make it a bit confusing to follow the story if you don’t pay attention while you’re reading, and you can miss out on valuable hints.

There’s also so much quantum physics going on in so few pages it can make your head spin (see quote above). Rosa and Adam are in a quantum physics experiment that deals in questioning reality. But, really, as the saying goes- some people should not be left to their own devices.

I do feel like Rosa’s character took a leap in development somewhere between the first and second volume and we missed out on it. Where in the first volume she had trouble communicating even in small talk, in this volume she had no problems at all speaking her mind.

Overall, the story is compelling and handled the topic with flare. I’m still wanting to see a bit more detail with facial expressions with the art, but it’s as psychedelic/pop-artish as the first volume.