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FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 1: The Paradigm Shift

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 1: The Paradigm Shift - Simon Oliver, Robbi Rodriguez www.ReadingBifrost.com

Mature-Content Rating: Language, Violence, Sexual Content, Mild Nudity

“And the nature of your emergency…fire, ambulance, police… or physics?”

First I have to to say I love the outstanding covers created by Nathan Fox. They’re pop-artish in style and simply pleasing to look at. The art within the story itself can be great, but at some points there’s little to no detail that could make it better - especially the facial expressions.

The story includes Physical absurdities such as anti-gravity pockets, a bubbleverse, time pockets, and quantum tornadoes. The FBP are special agents that work to keep physics in line and put everything back in its proper place. BUT, as out FBP agents discover, all these absurdities just might not be as random as everyone was led to believe.

Adam’s character has a long history with physics- almost a vendetta against physics itself- for his reasoning for entering the FBP. His character is laid-back and happily goes with the flow, but when things get nasty he steps up. There’s good backstories for Adam, and good character development.

Agent Rosa Reyes is the character that really intrigues me. The story gives only a few small glimpses into her past, but those glimpses are enough to get me hooked and wanting to know more about this mysterious woman.

The antagonist is… not really my cup of tea. I can see where Olive is going with his ideas of the antagonist - it’s not that hard to grasp - but I was hoping for something a little more dramatic than what it turned out to be.

Overall, I recommend Federal Bureau of Physics - The Paradigm Shift to anyone who loves… physics! Also for anyone who likes reading about scientific theories coming to manifestation. Bubbleverse!