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How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid

How to Rid Your Swimming Pool of a Bloodthirsty Mermaid - Mick Bogerman www.ReadingBifrost.com

“I don’t want to move in for a closer look, I really don’t, but overpowering curiosity’s propelling my feet forward, taking Finley with me. This is nothing like a Sea-Monkey.”

A few days ago I reviewed the first of this series. In this second installment Mick and Finley don’t go looking for trouble, but just so happen to stumble upon it anyway when PJ, a very much spoiled rich boy Mick’s age, has his Sea-Monkey turned into a mermaid.

I liked this book just a bit better than the first, probably because there was more interaction between the brothers. Mick tends to overthink things when it comes to his brother, and in this story he was put into situations where he had to let Finley make his own choices. Finley, on the other hand, had to stand up against the older brother he looks up too.

PJ is a spoiled little brat who is used to having what he wants when he wants it. When his Sea-Monkey goes psycho, PJ is convinced she didn’t really mean to nearly bite his arm off. Of course, going on the adventure with Mick and Finley may have changed him a bit by the end of the story.

A mysterious uncle was mentioned again, one I hope will make an appearance in a future story. He seems like the family’s go-to guy when they need strange or hard to find objects such as Mick’s pitchfork from the first book. His character intrigues me even though he has yet to make an actual appearance in the series.

Overall, I would recommend this second book to 8+, as it wasn’t as gory as the first. But I do have to say there was mention of a drunken man, so as always PARENTS: read the books first. See if there’s anything you’re not comfortable with your kids reading, and judge by your own kids levels.