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Predator & Prey

Predator & Prey - James D. Horton, Miranda Horton www.readingbifrost.com

“We all pretended the monsters don’t exist. Most people can get away with that. They live in the day and lock their doors at night. They don’t look at what is out beyond their thin walls. They don’t see what the night shift brings out.”

Predator & Prey is a very short story, only 31 pages long, but packs a punch for paranormal romance readers. Horton sets his story in a city of dark corruption, where some of the more sinister crimes are overlooked due to their supernatural nature.

Lily labels herself as a survivor and hosts her after dark radio show to share with fellow survivors their experiences, but after she’s attacked one night and a mysterious man named Wolf tells her there’s only predators and prey she begins to question what she really is.

Wolf is most defiantly an Alpha-male character; very demanding and possessive. What he is isn’t exactly clear yet.

The romance isn’t quite strong between the characters yet, but there is an instant connection that pulls Lily to trust Wolf, going against her naturally distrusting personality.

Overall this is a great short story that I would recommend to paranormal romance fans, but since the author has promised more short stories with the same characters I’m hoping for a collection to be available instead of buying the individual shorts.