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The Chronological Man: The Monster In The Mist

The Chronological Man: The Monster In The Mist - Andrew Mayne
“She couldn't decide if he was a bit mad or if the world moved too slowly for him. Perhaps a little of both.”

Steampunk, time-travel, a secretary that buys newspapers and pastries for a nonexistent employer every day, and man that stumbles out of a locked room and only knows what’s written on the card in his pocket. The summery states it all: very Doctor Who-esque, crossover with Sherlock Holmes and add a steampunked Iron Man in the mix and you have Mayne’s first book of The Chronological Man.

Smith (seem familiar, Whovians?) is our Doctor’esque character, a time-traveler who seems to remember nothing and relies on a card in his pocket to give him the essentials (such as his own name!). He’s bubbly and stumbles his way through the mystery. Most of the time I had no idea what he was up to, but he’s one very entertaining character to say the least.

April Malone is our female Watson. She’s smart with a sharp wit and quick to go from secretary jobs to running through foggy streets and damp sewers to assist Smith in solving the mystery.
The action scenes in the book were really well written. The novel was simple, but engaging and left plenty of room for the characters and story to grow in the sequel. Whovian (Doctor Who fan) or not, if you’re a fan of the genre I recommend The Chronological Man for a quick, entertaining read.