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The Paradox Initiative

The Paradox Initiative - Alydia Rackham
“He’s put out a ship-wide warrant,” Wolfe said. “They’ll come after me in less than five minutes.” His jaw tightened. “And there’s something I have to tell you before they do.”

Let’s start with my favorite parts of the book (characters!) and work from there. Jack Wolfe. Take a man born long before TVs were invented and throw him into a world of galactic space cruises. Wolfe has the whole mysterious bad guy vibe going for him in the beginning, then as he and Kestrel interact his real personality starts to shine through. It’s refreshing to have a main character that’s deeper than just fighting for a love interest or to pound on the antagonists all the way though the story.

Kestrel is a great balance between a main female heroine and a distressed female lead. Her character wasn’t completely self-efficient like many of the of the books today are trying to portray females, but she wasn’t a damsel in distress waiting for someone to save her, either. Rackham did an excellent job of balancing out the two with Kestrel. She’s smart and adaptive to situations.

Jackiv, the antagonist, wasn’t given enough confrontational time in the book for me to really start to better understand and learn about his character. I’ll have to stick with him being an ‘okay’ character with good interaction between the main characters.

The romance between Jack Wolfe and Kestrel is slow and steadily budding throughout the book, leaving the reader with that good anticipation of a relationship about to bloom between the main characters. It’s a very light and sweet romance; both characters having other things to factor through their thoughts as their relationship develops.

The biggest issue I had with this book is the pacing. The beginning and ending had a nice, steady tempo; but the middle of the book slowed down and felt really drawn out with not much happening to move the story along. That being said, it also introduces interesting side characters and futuristic technology (holographic pop-up ads! augh!).

The Paradox Initiative is entertaining and Jack Wolfe is a character that will stick with you after the story ends. Overall I’m happy to add this book to my shelves.