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Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror

Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror - Mike Tucker “With time rapidly running out, he used the technique that had served him well in so many of his previous incarnations. ‘Eeny, meeny, miny…’”

In The Crawling Terror The Doctor and Clara find themselves in a small village in England infested with rather large bugs. Of course, sticking to true Doctor Who fashion, big bugs isn’t the only thing going wrong in the village. Add a bit of secret World War II weapons, Nazis, a stone circle, and a few aliens in the mix then you have a great plot!

As with Silhouette and The Blood Cell, I won’t count off points for the Doctor’s behavior in the book since the books were written before the 12th Doctor series even aired, but as a whole all the characters fell flat. Clara (as much as I detest her character) hardly reacted to the situation at all, and the military were way too trusting in the Doctor for not being a part of UNIT.

Overall, it was a good book with a good plot, but defiantly needed fine tuning on the characters.