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Doctor Who: The Blood Cell

Doctor Who: The Blood Cell - James Goss “Your guns don’t work,” the Doctor was saying, “and shortly after that happens, everyone always decides they need me-“

This story is told by the perspective of the Governor, who’s really a warden of an isolated prison on an astroid. A prison the 12th Doctor just so happens to find himself jailed in with nothing but a number for a name and and orange jump suit.

There’s much to speculate about the Governor and the Guardian, Bentley, but after most of the book has passed and you finally get to the Governor’s story it’s all given to you at once in just a few pages of information dump in the form of a backstory. It was an interesting tale, but I think if pieces of it were given throughout the book instead of one backstory blob it would have worked better.

The climax wasn’t very climatic. Again, it had an interesting tale but it seems Goss decided to throw a bunch of ideas together right at the end and hoped they worked well together. There is a definite disconnection from the first 75% of the book and the last 25%.

The one thing most Doctor Who writers get is the characterization, and Goss did a good job with The Doctor, Clara, and his minor characters.

Overall, The Blood Cell was a good, quick read for Doctor Who fans. I would recommend for the older whovians though, since it does tend to get a little on the gory side toward the end.