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The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room - Alysha Kaye www.readingbifrost.com

“I watched Nina slowly begin to smile again. I’ve never wanted something so much and hated myself for wanting it even more. But I wanted her to join me. I was lonely and trapped.”

Jude and Nina aren’t the perfect couple, but when they fell they fell fast and hard; until an accident cut their time together short. Now Jude can only watch Nina from a window in The Waiting Room as she lives out the rest of her life without him, and he waits for his name to be called for his second chance at life or for the day Nina joins him.

This book can be read in different ways. If you want a quasi-deep, philosophical and religious thought provoking book The Waiting Room can be what you want. On the other hand, it can also be taken as just an anthology of the lives Jude and Nina share together; a series of short romances. Even though the book is about death it doesn’t carry a deeply depressing tone, instead the characters are lighthearted about their situation though most of the book.

I wouldn’t have minded if Kaye would have prodded a little bit deeper into her idea of The Waiting Room in general instead of keeping her main focus on Nina and Jude, but overall a good little romance novel that would be great for a poolside reading.